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The Shoot

Never work with children or animals. Well, unless you're Cruella De Ville I'd say that's a pretty sweeping statement. I believe to get the best out of people, young, old or anywhere between - they need to be photographed in a comfortable, familiar environment. There's something quite intimidating to most people about a photography studio, no matter how much they like having their picture taken or how good the photographer is with them. Besides, when you're 4 years old, full of beans, brimming with energy and enthusiasm and you're told to stand there and look at the camera, that's probably the last thing you want to do. You'd probably much rather play hide and seek in the woods with Mum & Dad, or see just how high you can go on the swings in your favourite park.

I love photographing children doing the things that they really love doing, having fun with Mum & Dad, just being themselves. I love capturing their energy, their laughter, their spirit. 

In the morning, once the children are fed and watered, I'll arrive, have a coffee (white, no sugar- thanks!) and we'll talk about where we're going (actually, we'll have discussed this before the day but occasionally we have to revert to a plan B if the weather isn't cooperating). I'll start taking pictures of the children there as they play, just so they get used to me doing what I'm doing. I'll stretch it out depending on how good the coffee is ;-)

At some point we'll wander out to the garden. Perhaps I'll dazzle them with my Hula skills before setting off to the park, the woods, the beach or anywhere you and your family love going. 

For the next couple of hours I'll be working pretty much flat out, interacting when needed but for the most part just enjoying your day out and your children having fun. You'll be in the pictures too. I want to capture your relationship with your little ones, the special moments, the little looks he gives you, the squeeeeeeeze, the hugs, the giggles. When it's time for my nap, I'll let you know. Feel free to buy ice cream if I've been well behaved.

14 days later I'll send you a link to your gallery of pictures and the Director's Cut slideshow where you can see your day through my eyes (for examples of the slideshows shows visit my Gallery section). This way you can choose which you'd like framed for your wall or Daddy’s desk, or maybe you'd prefer a bespoke photo book of the pictures, or the Director's Cut on DVD, or the disc of high resolution, fully printable pictures. Maybe you'll want everything. Please see our pricing page for more details

On that subject. I believe in total transparency with regards to pricing. I want you to know exactly how much my products cost before you book. I aim to do such a great job for you that you'll show all of your friends the pictures I took of you and your family, and you'll cherish the pictures forever.