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What is Once Upon A Day?
Once Upon A Day is, quite simply, a fresh, contemporary approach to portrait photography. You and your family will be taken on a creative and enjoyable journey where you will feel in charge as much as me! The resulting pictures will capture and reflect all the energy and spontaneity of the day in ways that might surprise you.

Once Upon A Day is different. Why?
Well, for one thing the person behind the camera has years of experience shooting everything from
fashion magazines to celebrity weddings (and pretty much everything in between). 

Another is that the pictures I take are exactly that: pictures. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world doing the thing I love best - taking photographs. I've been on beaches in The Bahamas and waterfalls in Thailand. I've been sunburned in the Sahara desert and seasick on a yacht in Cannes, almost run over by a taxi in Times Square and suffered vertigo on Table Mountain - all in the name of photography. And I've loved every second of it. Ok, maybe not the seasickness, but you get my point! 

When I became a father, I realised just how powerful a camera really can be. In this day and age where almost everyone has a camera on them at all times (even if it just used for occasional phone-calls), we're  inundated with photographs now more than ever. But how many photographs that you've taken have you actually printed out this year?  Twenty? Ten? My guess is that it's probably even less than that. I'd wager that you probably haven't printed any at all. Maybe you've uploaded them to FB, or emailed them to your mum... Unless of course you're a photographer yourself (in which case, head over to here where you can book yourself onto one of my
fashion photography workshops that I run to teach portrait photographers great lighting in studio and on location) :-)

We can all get a snap of our children looking cute, doing something fun, but it's just that, a snap. A great picture is something entirely different. A great picture is something you cherish. It's a connection with the subject, a moment captured forever. It's something you want to have printed and framed and hung on your wall right there - the wall behind the sofa, the huge blank wall just waiting for a picture with meaning.  A picture that your friends and family are drawn to. That they love, that you  love.

A picture doesn't say a thousand words, it says far more than that. It's a record of times gone, but never forgotten. A time when your baby was first born, when she could suddenly sit up and oh, the world looked so much more interesting from an upright position. A time when they couldn't talk, yet they'd say more than you ever needed to hear with a big, beautiful, gummy smile with eyes big and bright and so inquisitive. A time when they blew their first dandelion, and watched in wonder at the butterflies, or called out in excitement whenever they saw a cat, or a dog, or a squirrel. A time when they climbed their first tree or found their first conker. These are the moments I live to capture. These are the moments we, as parents, remember forever. They're pivotal, landmark events in our children's lives, and to have a record of this is one of the most beautiful, powerful,emotional and priceless things a parent can own.

As a Dad of two beautiful, hilarious, sparky children I can appreciate how fleeting these early years are. I'm so grateful I have the pictures to help me remember.